Documenting TCMNY

There’s sure to be a lot of great conversations this weekend – so of course we want to document them – both for with those who can’t attend and our own future reference. In the spirit of the unconference, the sessions are unlikely to have slides or handouts to share, so we’re looking to you, the campers, to help create the THATCamp Museums NYC bibliography.

There’s four ways that you can contribute to the TCMNY bibliography:

One is by taking notes on the sessions you attend, and sharing them in the THATCamp Museums NYC 2012 Collection in Google Docs. To better streamline the process, we have the following guidelines and requests for note-taking:

  • At the start of a session, call for a primary note-taker for the session.
  • Include the following in your notes
    • Session subject/topic
    • Number of campers attending and, if possible, names
  • Photograph or documentary whiteboard or flipchart notes
  • Track useful, relevant URLs that emerge
  • Share your notes in a Google Doc in the THATCamp Museums NYC 2012 Collection and send them to gro.p1550964981macta1550964981ht@of1550964981ni1550964981. Please include the date, time and subject in the document title.
  • Anyone else who is taking notes consider sending them to the primary note taker and/or add to the Google Doc.
  • Primary Note-taker Person: At the end of the session, please write a brief summary of the session and add that to the Google Doc.

The second way to share is to tag your pictures, tweets, blog posts, etc. with “thatcamp” and “TCMNY”.

Third, if you have documentation to share that does not fall into the above categories, please send it to ude.d1550964981rab.c1550964981gb@iz1550964981le1550964981. It will then be added to the THATCamp Bibliography.

Finally, your thoughts about THATCamp sessions are valued! Please post your reflections on each session attended on this blog. Be sure and tag your post with “Session Notes”.

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