Saturday Sessions Posted

Today’s sessions are scheduled and posted at Enjoy!

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History on the Hoof-AGAIN. 2:45 Sat. Workshop

Upload Junaio augmented browser for your mobile, so we can use it in workshop today.
See examples at

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Session Proposal: Curatorial Collusion

How can a virtual environment help us circumvent the authority of the curatorial voice? How can we connect materials between the galleries of an institution or between institutions? Let’s explore alternate forms of curation that break down barriers between collections.

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Session proposal: Let’s blog!

Since I’m not part of the museum world (my doctorate is in English), I’m a little diffident about proposing anything to do with museums, and since this is THATCamp Museums NYC, I’m a little diffident about proposing anything NOT to do with museums. But this one time at THATCamp SoCal I suggested (since THATCamp is supposed to be productive), a session in which anyone who wants to just hangs out in a room together and blogs. Call it a blogathon. A nice, quiet space and time to do that blogging we’ve all been meaning to do, or to get started on it, at any rate. Certainly as THATCamp Coordinator I do always appreciate it when people blog about THATCamp, of course, even if it’s just summaries of sessions, and it’s also true that blog posts about THATCamp can be nominated for consideration in the Proceedings of THATCamp, whose first issue will be released on August 1, but it could be anything, on any blog, including this one.

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History on the Hoof

Some Brainstorming Questions for our Session. Sat. 2:45

How do you link interest in scattered sites, through mobile phone “history on the hoof” using curiosity about one place to stimulate hook-ups to other remote sites?

How do you get material culture back into the world from where it was once looted, whoops, I mean , collected?

How can modern technologies dialogue with older artistic techniques in interesting ways?

How do you deploy digitized collections to do active things, picking up on “history translation device” potential of the mobile, so museum collections project into travel and field?

How can mobile be motivator so obscure topics — say War of 1812 — can quickly flash little-known angles and controversies that may engage further interest? (telling bits to hook interest in larger narrative).

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Session Proposal: Timelines


I’d like to propose a session in which we look critically at one of the most familiar data visualizations: the timeline. Traditional timelines are static, but in recent years projects such as SIMILE Timeline, Chronos, and Verite have created dynamic representations of temporal data.  Digital timelines also afford an ordering structure to present collections of digitized assets, such as the Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century.

In this session, we can explore the possibilites of enhancing access to cultural heritage materials through timelines while examining their pedagogical function as visualizations. How do we break out of the traditional linear representation of temporal data (or should we)? What visual language is necessary to represent the complexity of multiple streams and categories of information? Can we crowdsource timelines? What about using linked data to create semantic timelines? Do the techniques used in data journalism transfer to the cultural heritage community?

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Session Proposal: Working with student digital exhibitions

Let’s have a discussion about pedagogy and learning around the use of digital exhibitions.  We have tried a variety of methods at the Bard Graduate Center in our courses.  I would like to share ideas about best practice and how this mode of presentation is particularly useful for the study of material culture.  What are the best platforms?  How do we integrate into the curriculum and academic program?

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Session Proposal: Finding a Balance Between Museum Collections and Digital Enhancements

Technology offers countless ways to enhance the visitor’s experience in museum galleries. As museums continue to search for ways to employ new technology, it is important to ensure that these technologies enhance rather than eclipse the collection objects on display.

As museum audiences, especially younger visitors, increasingly gravitate to the next shiny new screen in any given gallery, how can we maintain the primacy of the physical object? What museums have successfully used new technology to enhance the visitor’s experience, and how have they done so? What pitfalls should be kept in mind when considering the use of new technology in museum galleries? In what instances might digital materials serve as a useful replacement for an object too delicate to be displayed for prolonged time periods?

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Session Proposal: Web Content Management Systems and Museum Libraries

In this session, let’s explore web content management systems in meeting the needs of different types of museum libraries. For example, if a museum is using a content management system to archive their photographic collections, what are some criteria we might consider in selecting a web content management system? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of free versus a proprietary CMS? In the case of a proprietary CMS, what happens to the content if the company who creates the CMS fails or if the company is bought out? Should museum libraries harness that control? Would it makes sense for museum libraries to work together to build their own CMS, shared across institutions?

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