Session Proposal: Web Content Management Systems and Museum Libraries

In this session, let’s explore web content management systems in meeting the needs of different types of museum libraries. For example, if a museum is using a content management system to archive their photographic collections, what are some criteria we might consider in selecting a web content management system? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of free versus a proprietary CMS? In the case of a proprietary CMS, what happens to the content if the company who creates the CMS fails or if the company is bought out? Should museum libraries harness that control? Would it makes sense for museum libraries to work together to build their own CMS, shared across institutions?

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I have interned at several academic, museum and public libraries while in school, in addition to experience in teahing and graphic design.

3 Responses to Session Proposal: Web Content Management Systems and Museum Libraries

  1. I guess this means museum libraries used for research, correct, where people get to check out the books and so on, not museum libraries where the books are part of the collection? If the former, wouldn’t a library catalog system rather than a CMS be the right choice?

  2. jsarubbi says:

    In that sense, a library catalog system would be the right choice. I was thinking about CMSes in the sense of archiving digital collections.

  3. Open source or free CMS is free. The implementation cost is low. However, many users have concerns about security risks involved in using free CMS. Proprietary CMS on the other hand can cost you more, however, there is no security threat for users. It is mainly developed by a vendor or owned by the developers. So, whatever you choose, select as per your budget and business requirement.

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