About Digital Media at the BGC

The Bard Graduate Center is increasingly committed to fostering the integration of digital media throughout its academic programs, gallery exhibition displays, and publishing endeavors. The Digital Media Lab plays a central role in these explorations, and supplies numerous rich resources for the use and support of the BGC community:

  • A well-equipped space for students and faculty to work on media projects that require significant computing resources. Recent work includes a series of individually developed video essays, renderings of three-dimensional virtual spaces, experimentation with alternate modes of research presentation, and the development of multimedia virtual exhibitions like the Visualizing Nineteenth-Century New York website.
  • The management and support of online tools and resources, such as blogs, wikis, and content management systems. We also offer periodic workshops to familiarize our academic community with the possibilities these tools offer for facilitating and expanding upon a variety of endeavors, from classroom assignments to theses to long-term research projects.
  • An important hub for collaborative projects between the BGC and other institutions sharing our digital media goals. These collaborative efforts allow work done in the DML to reach a larger audience, and encourage the BGC community to investigate and participate in an ever-expanding array of new media work.

For more information about the DML and current and recent media projects at the BGC, please visit:

The DML home page
DML Information
DML News

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