George Sferra

  • Collections Management Assistant
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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After studying at Loyola University Chicago's Rome Center, I have persued a career in arts administration. I was employed at the Art Institute of Chicago before relocating to New York City, where I now work at the Metropolitan Museum in the department of Arms and Armor. At the Met, I am tasked with managing our digital collections database, The Museum System, which provides public content about our collection on the Met's website. It is a fascinating time to be working in museums, as we shift from a well established and proud tradition of paper recording and archiving to become an ever-expanding digital resource. THATCamp Museums offers a chance to explore the practical challenges and solutions that pertain to my work at the museum, but I think it will also foster discussion of the more abstract areas of technological and cultural theory. This is a topic I find quite interesting, and I think it important to consider where we are headed as a community both physical and virtual. As younger generations come of age and we as a society gain comfort with technology and the virtual, where will museums, largely grounded in the physical object and space, find themselves?

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