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Session proposal – On Representing Material Culture / ObjectVRs

I have a couple of different ideas which might be different sessions, might meld into other people’s session proposals, or might all belong in one session – you tell me! Basically, I have an ongoing concern that current representations of material culture … Continue reading

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Session Proposal: Cameras in the Gallery

THATCamp notes taken during this Session can be found at Session Proposal Yielding to the omnipresent camera phone, most museums have had to change their no-photography policy (although still enforced in special exhibitions). Museums even encourage taking photos, featuring them … Continue reading

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Session Proposal: Permanence and Digital Media Proposal Valerie Clark

Archives and special collections used to hold documents and books. Then archives expanded to maintain photographs, film, video and sound. These additional materials are less permanent than documents. After the 1990s or thereabouts, digital media enter the archive. If the … Continue reading

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